Settings documentation

Default Settings

This library includes default settings which are grouped into a single variable and can be overridden in your application. To override the default settings, copy and paste the settings and color variables and add them to a less file in your application. The default settings values are exactly as rendered in this documenattion website.
1@settings {
2  radius: 4px;
3  primary-font: 'Roboto';
4  secondary-font: 'Tahoma';
The color variables are also grouped and named following a general design concept for using colors in an application.
1@colors {
2  primary: @elephant;
3  secondary: @fresh-eggplant;
4  contrast: @pippin;
5  pale: @linen;
6  graylight: @alto;
7  graymedium: @silver-chalice;
8  graydark: @tuna;
9  success: @forest-green;
10  warning: @amber;
11  error: @vermilion;